Home Health Aide – HHA


Description of the program:

What is HHA?

The home health aide program trains individuals who wish to care for clients in private or home care environments and/or healthcare facilities. The program introduces the student to basic patient care and helps satisfy the requirements for employment with agencies who serve Medicare and Medicaid patients.

Students are awarded a home health aide diploma upon successful completion of the program and after meeting all requirements for graduation.

Training includes:

  • Understanding home health aide services
  • Building a foundation: before client care
  • Holistic approach to understanding clients
  • Developing personal care and basic healthcare skills
  • Special clients, special needs
  • Practical knowledge and skills in home management
  • Medical terminology and abbreviations
  • Vital signs
  • Career skills
  • Assisting with self administration of medications
  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Domestic violence and elderly abuse
  • HIPAA – Resident rights
  •  OSHA – Bloodborne pathogens – HBV

Through lecture, discussion, testing, hands-on practice and clinical lab experience the home health aide program provides students with both the theoretical knowledge and clinical skills (hands on) training and experience needed for employment.