Why Choose Us


HAI is dedicated to enhance the field of healthcare by providing, and delivering a hands on, high quality training, relevant education, and a distinct motivational learning environment.

At HAI, we believe that education should take place in a fully inclusive environment with equal opportunities for all. HAI strives to be at the center of the local community with positive and effective links to the wider and global communities.

Our statement “INTEGRITY, COMMITMENT, EMPOWERMENT, EXCELLENCE” reflects our understanding and beliefs. We aim to ensure that the students at HAI are provided with high-quality learning experiences based on a broad and balanced curriculum.

"We strive to provide our graduates with an academic foundation and hands on clinical experiences that will enable them to gain placement and employment at the hospitals, healthcare facilities or other healthcare settings of their choice as well as to succeed in those facilities."

“We are different than others”

Why HAI?

Hearts Associates Institute delivers a high quality, relevant education and offers exceptional flexibility, accessibility and affordability to deserving, working adults trying to better their lives.

HAI believes everyone should have the opportunity to pursue a college degree. Our goal is for you to be excited about your college experience and come away with a quality education that ignites a successful career. You have our promise that we’ll do everything within our power to reach this goal, beginning right now with the enrollment process.

HAI is for:

Those who want to make a difference.

Those who are typically the most underserved.

All those who need a second chance.

All those who never had a first chance.

HAI will help students building successful lives through our unique curriculum and personal mentoring approach. Armed with these successes, our graduates will have the most impact in strengthening the community, the nation, and in turn, our world.

Conveniently located at Boynton Beach, Florida and remarkably affordable and flexible.

One of the lowest tuition rates in the area, so be excited for a quality education that ignites a successful career. At HAI we will do everything within our power to provide you the hands-on training you need to succeed in your career.

Flexible, 8-week courses offering certificates and diplomas in healthcare for busy, hard working, ambitious adults.


Hearts Associates Institute (HAI), LLC is committed to deliver a distinct high quality training with integrity and to empower each student to acquire skills, demonstrate knowledge, participate in and exercise the core values of the healthcare profession with excellence.


Our vision is to be a leading, innovative high performing institution  with a broad and balanced curriculum to empower students, as life-long learners, to contribute to the global world and develop their professional growth with integrity, and excellence.


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